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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”

Albert Einstein

Help people to re-connect with their Womb's and Hara's, their Innocent and Beautiful Sensual Sexuality and the power and joy that is held within - this is in short my life's purpose and I hope this website will give you a bit of background about this. 

The Womb and Hara are two beautiful energetic power houses that can magnetise anything we wish for and want, the seat of wisdom, radiance and passion, a portal to the source of life itself the power of infinite creation and love.

The Hara, which is the male equivalent to the feminine Womb can be found three fingers below the belly button, is the seat of the masculine creative essence, the tan tien, which in martial arts is for mental focus and to draw personal power from.

If these centres are neglected or out of balance, energy blocks, blocks in creation in our life, money issues and dis-eases can develop.

Our sexuality in it’s pure form is the most innocent and powerful source of wisdom, connection to the Divine, joy and wildness. It’s wisdom is one of the most ancient knowledge’s we all have within us, that has been forgotten, judged, closed off in hundreds of years of patriarchal society but with the awakening of so many conscientious souls in today’s world, the return of this knowledge is safe again.

What is Womb/Hara awakening?

It is the reconnection with our essential life force, the spark of life that flows through all things. It is the awakening of the creative energy held in a woman’s Womb and feminine essence, and a man’s Hara – seat of his potent masculine essence. It brings us alive, opens us to love, and helps us realize our destiny, and have the courage and passion to birth it into reality. (taken from

It is such a deep and profound journey that reconnects us with who we really are, why we are here on earth and brings us deep healing on not only sexual but also soul level. It reconnects us with our joyful, loving and playful power that we all hold in our Womb’s and Hara’s.

If you hear the calling to this rich, love filled, amazing connection with your own sexuality, Womb and Hara Wisdom and Awakening is for you!